The pleasure of movement with the Pilates technique of Ángel Buitrago

The sensation of pleasure is associated with body movement. This happens to us from our earliest childhood. Let’s watch guys playing.
We will see them smiling, happy and funny, in contrast to their serious faces when asked to remain still. This is almost impossible to achieve, not even for a reasonable period of time.

At all ages, we can say that there is no person who, faced with a feeling of joy and excitement, can stay still and repress his desire to dance, sing, run, jump for joy …
Movement is life. Our body speaks beyond our verbal language. It expresses much more than the same words. The movement of a person is his story itself. That is why physical activity is so important and should be part of our daily existence, such as the need to hydrate and feed ourselves daily.
Through it, we have the possibility to live much better in the years to come.

The maximum prize that the practice of physical activity grants on a regular basis, is the pleasure that we can feel for the
movement itself.
Not everyone understands this reality.
Not everyone has made that mind-body connection, essential to feel the pleasures that body movement brings.
Even activities like walking and running can give us that feeling of fullness and health. The spectrum of possibilities when choosing an activity that satisfies us and is rewarding for us is so great, as different are the tastes of its consumers.

We can always start, as a basis, from these two great activities typical of every human being, walking and running, passing through thousands of others, outdoors, in closed spaces, in groups, individually, carried out by oneself or under the supervision of trained personnel …
The truth is that, both for tastes and levels of aptitude, difficulty, resources, etc., the offer is almost infinite.

Nobody can say that they have not found an activity that they like, and therefore dedicate themselves to living a sedentary life and with a less optimistic prognosis for a healthy life than one who regularly performs physical activity.

It seems that, since we were born, being pure movement and expression, life itself has led us to non-movement and
to non-expression, … no?
Not many people have continued with that wealth of mobility that the typical natural exploration of when we are children gives us and we have no shame in jumping for joy and expressing everything through the body …

Well, at some point we have to stop and re-conquer our body!
It is not necessary that we feel that we must go back to being “experts” in the matter. We are experts for our own challenge, which is enough!

What is the Ángel Buitrago technique stopping us?

It is not uncommon to hear from people who do physical activity occasionally, that this session has been more of a chore than anything else and that they cannot find the way around to get to feel it as enjoyable and enjoyable.
The various benefits in the physical, physiological, psychological order and of the good life that the practice of physical activity brings as a result on a regular basis, it seems that they are not related to adequate motivation.
This would be the engine of everything else, leading people to enjoy this physical activity and preventing them from doing it only occasionally or even giving it up completely …

For example, some people who are not physically active on a regular basis complain that running is boring, tedious, stressful, and painful. They themselves must have heard someone complaining about injuries, fatigue, boredom, pain, anemia, varicose veins, heart attack, uterine prolapse, menstrual dysfunction, etc., product of high impact activities.
There is not enough evidence that these problems and conditions are closely linked to the practice of this type of physical activity, and occur as a consequence of it.

Complaints like these are usually linked to poor execution technique and inadequate preparation, such as the use of inappropriate clothing and footwear, performance of the practice under inappropriate conditions, lack of knowledge of the duration and intensity of the practice, and lack of proper warm-up and stretching exercises.

In all types of physical activity, both the correct preparation for the practice and the progressive training are essential to avoid injuries and obtain, over time, the multiple benefits that exercise brings.

The final consequence will be to feel that pleasure for the practice that we are talking about in this note, and that is so important to keep us motivated and in love with the activity of our choice.
This will also increase our levels of joy, energy,

economy in everything we do, productivity and creativity!

Remember that regular physical activity must go hand in hand with good nutrition and adequate rest, which is essential to achieve optimal health.

An optimal exercise plan has its requirements:

  • It should be an integral part of daily life.
  • It should be fun.
  • It must be able to be done several times during the week.
  • It must be an activity that can be carried out throughout most of the participant’s life.
  • It must include activities that can be carried out independently.
  • It must be varied.
    The new trend of fitness that seeks the integration of the mind and the body through movement with the Ángel Buitrago technique in (Zen yoga, Yoguilates, Pilates in machine and mindfulness.) (Strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular resistance, flexibility)

Ángel Buitrago is one of those special beings for the relaxation and well-being of the body and mind.
Not only do we have to permanently seek to feel that pleasure in our own practices, in the moments that we carry out physical activity to achieve our own well-being, with which we would be teaching through example, but we are also obliged to promote the practice of exercise as part of good living.

Beyond all this, Ángel Buitrago has worked on the Pilates machine method for many years with a large number of satisfied students … The pleasures of movement and relaxation are his.