My Machine Pilates Method is a training system that provides comprehensive work for each and every one of the muscles in our body, which is why it can be very well applied to knee pain. What many do not know about the Pilates machine is that it is focused on strengthening the deep muscles, which are the minor ones and those responsible for supporting the major ones.

Our body moves thanks to the contraction of the muscles, which in turn are attached to the bones by means of the tendons that are inserted in the most distal parts, where the joints originate.

Tendon and knee joint About the joints, they are responsible for the mobility of the body together with the muscles, and we have them in various forms: mobile, semi-mobile and fixed. Some are larger and others smaller, strong and others more fragile.

One of the largest joints in our body are the knees. However, it is one of the most complex and fragile. This is because the knees support the great weight of our body and, because they have fragile muscles that surround them, they are more prone to injuries. It is called the knee joint, the central joint of the posterior or lower vertebrate limbs. The knee is formed by the union of two important bones, the femur in its distal portion, and the tibia in its proximal portion. The knee also has a small bone called the patella, which articulates with the lower, anterior portion of the femur. You can mainly perform flexion and extension movements.

It is worth noting that this joint is surrounded by a joint capsule and several ligaments that provide stability. In its proximities powerful muscles are inserted that make the movement of the member.

If you have ever injured your knee, you know that you need to have healthy knees to practice any physical activity or sport, and injuring it can put you out of action for a while. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent such injuries and stop knee pain.

The knee is made up of several parts such as bones, cartilage, muscles, ligaments and tendons, all working as one. In other words, when we talk about a knee injury, any of those parts may have been damaged or injured.

Prevention of injury with Pilates machine The first discomforts do not mean that you need to worry at the highest level, but they represent an attention for you to take effective measures for that pain. Ignoring the problem will not make it go away.

What are the main causes of knee pain? Once diagnosed and ruled out by the doctor that the pain in the knee does not come from muscular traits, ligament ruptures or some greater evil that requires surgical intervention, it is then that we can take measures on the matter, to treat the injury properly and know what movements to apply to help combat it. To a large extent, the main causes occur due to their own carelessness:


Physical Overload from High Impact Exercises

inappropriate footwear

postural imbalance

Old injuries that were not properly treated

sedentary lifestyle

Bad habits

Excessive use of heels or high heels

The contrast of sedentary lifestyle / intense sport is one of the worst enemies of the knees, an evil that is not distinguished by gender or age.

My Pilates Method to heal knee injuries

The Pilates machine method is a great ally in the joints due to its variety of low-impact exercises that do not stress the ligaments, which is why it is a great ally during knee pain. If you are a fan of running, soccer, swimming and easy walking are good alternatives to stay active during recovery.

Machine Pilates, by strengthening the muscles of the lower extremities, prevents injuries and favors a more efficient movement pattern. The Method exercises the core, glutes and lumbar spine, essential for control and balance.

The exercises strengthen the muscles that surround the knee such as the quadriceps, adductors and hamstrings that protect the joint. When you feel knee pain, you tend to change your posture and gait as a compensatory measure. This alteration produces imbalances in other parts of the body that can cause pain in the hip, spine and neck.

With the introduction of appropriate Pilates machine exercises, leg alignment will be achieved and destabilization in a different part of the body will be avoided.

Ángel Buitrago