Ángel Buitrago and his Pilates machine technique is the favorite of the models to have health and a 10 body

The Pilates method aims to generate a coordinated development between mind, body and spirit through natural movements under the strict control of the will. However, it has benefits that include burning fat, strengthening muscles and helping to improve overall health.

According to a study carried out by the University of San Francisco (USA) and published by Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, it revealed that the practice of therapeutic Pilates or Pilates on a machine helps to increase the muscles of the abdominal wall, eliminating asymmetries or abnormalities. Not all types of Pilates have the same benefits, and some are more effective in terms of burning calories.

Machine Pilates

Through breathing and concentration, a state of global relaxation is achieved, thereby eliminating stress, muscle tension and rigidity. In addition to this, Pilates allows greater work on muscles, which burns more calories.

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Ángel Buitrago